The Protocol Bridging Real World
Assets to DeFi

Open Token Lending is a censorship resistant money market protocol where lenders can get a
consistent rate of return with real world collateral in a permissionless, trust minimized manner.

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Real World Assets

OTL Assets are real world assets such as listed shares and real estate mortgages. This means they don't have the same dependencies on crypto to generate returns.

Programmatic Liquidation

Handling borrower defaults in the real world usually requires manual (ie centralised) enforcement. The OTL manages this automatically via smart contracts.

Access Deeper Liquidity

By working with tokenised listed shares of some of the largest companies in the world (Apple, Tesla, Facebook) we are tapping into liquid markets far greater than on-chain counterparts.

Overcollateralized Security

Income generated by the underlying assets is always greater than APY paid by the OTL, ensuring an overcollateralized position for lenders.


DeFi is booming, however total crypto assets are still dwarfed by traditional off-chain assets. OTL aims to bridge this gap and allow capital to flow more easily between both worlds. Our first assets to be used as collateral on the OTL will be tokenised listed shares of Apple, Tesla and Facebook. You can read why here. More assets will be added by the community the future.

Defi market image View tokenised collateral here

How Does It Work?


Real world assets such as Apple, Tesla and Facebook shares with a max LVR of 80% (Loan to Value Ratio) are tokenized and put into the OTL as collateral for borrowing against.


Lenders can lend against these assets with USDT, USDC or DAI and earn the interest.


The assets pay out interest, which is returned to the OTL Ecosystem. Interest accrues every ethereum block, roughly every 15 seconds.


Lenders can withdraw anytime by freely swapping back your kTokens for the original DAI/USDC/USDT deposited plus any interest accrued.

Institution Programmatic Liquidation Assets Type Fixed APY Rate Quality of Assets
OTL Yes Real World Yes Apple, Tesla, Facebook stock
Compound Yes Crypto No Crypto
Aave Yes Crypto No Crypto
Defi Money Market No Real World Yes Used car loans


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